RestPoint Air Cooler EL-16A (White+Apricot)

RestPoint Air Cooler

RestPoint Air Cooler EL-16A (White+Apricot)

RestPoint Air CoolerRestPoint Air Cooler EL-16A

Air Purifier Humidifier Fan Ionizer
Model EL-16A
1.Power supply 220V-240; 50Hz
2.Rated Power input 130W
3.Wattage 130W
4.Air Flow Volume 1,500m/h
5.Water Tank capacity 15L
6.Wind speed 6
7.Timer 24 Hours Timer
8.Product weight 8.8kg
9.Product packaging 10.8kg
10.Product dimension L360XW416XH870MM
11.Product Package L375XW441XH908MM
Colour White+Apricot
White + Black

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